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KuPS is the leading Finnish football team and the 2019 champion of Finnish football league.

2019 Champion of Finnish Football League
KuPS is the leading Finnish football team and the 2019 champion of Finnish football league.

Choicely & KuPS launched a brand new KuPS app in July 2020 with great traction & feedback from KuPS fans. The merchandise store performance increased by 256% when comparing 2 weeks pre- and after the launch of KuPS app. KuPS app ranked TOP1 in App Store & Google Play Sports app listing 24h after the app launch.
KuPS app has been evolving since the launch in July 2020. The app has seen many improvements by the KuPS team and many more based on the feedback from the fans.

One example is that fans can now subscribe to live updates to get the push messages during the games about goals and other important events. Some fans gave feedback that they don't want the messages because they want to watch some games after work without knowing the outcomes of the games. This way each fan is now able to subscribe to live messages based on their interest.
KuPS app has a special feature built with Choicely app builder. Users can select in the left menu between mens' and womens' team apps, and the womens' team app has its own news, statistics, tickets, game day features and votes as a solid app experience. The app remembers which team app the user is watching and reopens directly in the selected team app experience - and the fans can switch between the two app experiences in the left menu.

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