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IJF Judo - International Judo Federation

The International Judo Federation launched launched its brand new ‘IJF Judo’ app in May 2021 Powered by Choicely for the World Judo Championships.

tv show

Love Island Italy - TV Show App

Love Island Italy season 1 was launched in June 2021 and the Love Island Italia app was Powered by Choicely.


KuPS - Football Team App

KuPS is the leading Finnish football team and the 2019 champion of Finnish football league.


Helsinki Cup App

The Helsinki Cup is an international youth football tournament, held each year in Helsinki, Finland during June/July. It was held for the first time...


Korres Finland - ECommerce App

Korres Finland is the Finnish importer brand of the Greek cosmetics brand Korres. The company owns one flagship store in Helsinki, distributes Korres...


Liike Nyt - Political Party App

Liike Nyt is a political party in Finland, founded in November 2019. Liike Nyt promotes a new model in politics by enabling modern democracy through...


Miss USA

Choicely created a highly interactive app for Miss USA. The app was launched in November 2020 and show was produced by IMG and aired by FIY in the...


OneMind Dogs - Puppy Training App

OneMind Dogs was founded in 2012 by a group of passionate dog behavior experts, agility coaches, and innovators. The OneMind Dogs method was created...

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