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Media Release: The brand new Tahko resort app Powered by Choicely was launched today. Enjoy the Tahko experience like never before with all services in your pocket.

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“Book a nice cabin, shop skiing tickets, explore the ski slopes, restaurants, events, weather & more. Nice and easy.

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On March 6th the Tahko resort they launched a new Tahko mobile app.

Tahko is an active ski resort and a year-round holiday destination in the middle of Finland. World-class ski slopes, soothing lakes situated in pure natural surroundings, diverse facilities, colorful events and a joyous atmosphere will charm families, friends and business travelers alike. The central location means you’ll spend more time enjoying yourself than worrying about travelling. 

Once you’re here, Tahko’s diverse activities and experiences are all easy to reach. For those who appreciate time in nature, Tahko will no doubt become a favorite destination year after year.

The nearest large city, Kuopio, is only less than an hour’s drive away, so Kuopio’s vibrant city life, the best shopping, colorful cultural experiences and the city’s attractions are at your fingertips.


Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely said:

“The global pandemic forced hospitality industry to get modernised. Resorts like Tahko used their idle time to create new digital services. Their visions amplified by co creating with us their new mobile app. Choicely is not only a studio but a method and design philosophy. We believe in aesthetics are equally important to functionality and we love designing apps that increase oxytocin or dopamine’s levels, i,e making people happy every time user opens Choicely studio made apps.

As users are information hungry for costs details, quality reviews, timetables, this need forced us to make a giant leap ahead. We decided that Aesthetics and Functionality must be equally balanced within our apps.

Not only useful but extremely appealing to end user. Design not only for rational minds but for the creative daemon in us. We want that our aesthetics not only convince users to buy but make them feel secure, safe and happy while doing it. Colors, shapes, symmetries are non verbal ways of communicating and we utilize them to the max.

Our Choicely studio allows anyone to modify any section of an app with few clicks. However the secret sauce is not scoping the right functions but the whole experience to be of highest quality. An eye candy that one wants to share and show to a friend, by own initiative not incentivized by a campaign. By doing that, our customers can gain 1 or more extra customer for every new download made. Our way is lowering CAC and increasing NPS without paying a dime extra to Google ADs. We want our apps to spread because users love them, spreading organically is more trustworthy than a google ad, comes from friend, relatives thus a valuable tip.

Organically means it grows effortless, steady at low costs, those who grow organically have strong loyal customer base. Those active evangelists that so desperately needed for hospitality business. Organic cannot replace paid ads but can reduce significantly the Customer Acquisition Costs. Loyalty made organically leads to more buying, returning customers, thus the Life Time Value is increasing. All that if with right mix between Aesthetics and Functionality and we at Choicely know how to do that.

Our team is able to calculate with customers the break even point for initial investment and the ROI. Most clients have said that we are a zero risk investment and mandatory for those wanting to compete and stay relevant in markets.

We wanted everything in symmetry, with colors harmonically blending with functionalities thus making the experience catchy, appealing, attractive to users. By achieving a balance between aesthetics and function our apps are not just products of our no-code studio but artwork for a ski resorts passionate for differentiation.

Our consultants are aligning the right color to the right function, Red for Purchases for example. Such harmonics cannot be found in any other no code studio as we care equally about users finding what they need but also feeling safe, secure, happy for making decisions.

We aim our apps to be new kind of art, full in colors, images and texts that stick to readers. We wanted users to be able to design a ski vacation to match their needs. An experience creating no stress but of big smiles.

They say, Planning of a trip increases happiness so we raised the bar for Tahko by creating a happy people machine. With happy people then Churn is reduced, loyalty increased and reflected on an improved NPS.

The power of the symmetry and aesthetics, are little details but play a huge role on keeping, engaging and maintain a relationship with customers thus increasing LTV.

Super happy that Tahko gave us this challenge and we thank them for co creating such beautiful app for their tourist resort."


A brand new app launched for a resort called Tahko. A beautiful place at the center of Finland, full of lakes, forests to pick up mushroom's and berries. Location is fantastic for families, for hikes in national parks or long bike rides. The ski resort has slops and after parties but best is empty and one can use the downhill for “pulkkamaki” all on his own. The new app is designed to increase LTV, increase NPS, reduce chum thus making a fast ROI for the investment made. Choicely so far provenly , time after time, proves that our initial costs can be covered within the first hour of downloads or within few months time.

In this way all our customers made a zero risk investment with us, something very crucial nowadays.




Tahko app offers a highly mobile optimised, information rich service for their touristic resort.


Pricing, availability and coming up is offering templates for multiple segments at competitive prices for the sports and entertainment sectors. For more information click to book an appointment with Sales.


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The Tahko is owned by the Tahko and more information can be found at their web & social accounts:

Tahko Holiday Resort Finland


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